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Captain America- The Winter Soldier - Random Thoughts(THAR BE SPOILERS?!)


Ohio get's some "DAP" at the end of the movie. Is Emily Van Camp supposed to be Sharon Carter? In the Credits it says she plays "KATE". She added little to the movie and unless she has a bigger part in the sequel I don't see the point of her character. Why were their people walking out of the theater when the movie ended? THIS IS MARVEL PEOPLE! There is always a after credits scene. In this case 2. Speaking of which, is it me or did the actor playing BARON VON STRUCKER look a little like Colonel Clink(just with more hair)? But when you think about it isn't he usually bald in the comic? The FALCON in this movie, look wise is based on the ULTIMATE COMICS version and it looks great I just curious why the normal 616 universe FALCON outfit hasn't changed since the 70's(red and white with feathers?). It was obvious from the beginning on about whether Alexander Pierce was good or bad I wished that was covered up better. When it looks like Nick Fury was dead it ran hollow for me because I knew he still had a multiple picture deal yet with MARVEL. A lot of people were killed in this movie and maybe just as much destruction as "MAN OF STEEL" and yet I don't recall anyone having an issue with it like they did in "MOS"(I'm sure the guys at "NOWPLAYING PODCAST probably will though). Clark was Superman for roughly a day fighting people born and bred to kill and destroy(and just as or more powerful and skilled than him) so it make sense he would make mistakes but Cap and Shield have been at this for a while. Just saying.

I'm really glad that there wasn't a romance between Cap and Black Widow(or romance in general in this movie)in the film. 1. It would take something away from the relationship, 2. the movie is so jam pack it doesn't need it and 3. Most action movie and Superhero films(notice i didn't say comic book) almost never get it right. Also I'm assuming Scarlett Johannson can't do a russian accent because isn't Natasha supposed to be russian? With the exception of "Don Jon" I can't remember her ever doing an accent or a believable one. If this movie doesn't get "BLACK WIDOW" a movie then nothing will.

Considering what happens to SHIELD in this movie, how can "MARVEL AGENTS OF SHIELD" continue? (Will SHIELD even have a presence in the movie universe now?)I'm sure people will nitpick the scene with CAP falling hundreds of feet slamming into the ground protecting himself with the shield a too much,However(geek ALERT!) Cap's shield is made of vibranium and in the previous movie it was explained that it absorbs impact(and hits it back I believe) so basically if  a tank shell hits it, it is the equivalent of a cotton ball hitting. Heck remember in the AVENGERS movie THOR struck Mjolnir on it and it bounced off.  So I have no problem with the scene. I maybe need to see the film again but when CAP drops his shield from the Helicarrier did anyone bother to dive in and retrieve it.

Nitpick: I did like most of the fight but on at least one occasion they used the lazy story tellers technique: "Shaky Cam". Despite what filmmakers think this doesn't give their films a sense of realism. It's confusing and the only time it's used is when A. the director isn't skilled in action or B. the actors involved aren't skilled in action(ex. Christopher Nolan's Batman films)sorry about the rant. As I said a minor nitpick though.

Something i think this film did better than a lot of films(and most action and superhero films including Christopher Nolan's) is the supporting cast. The supporting cast is well fleshed out, written will and have a purpose. I did like how they pulled off Arnim Zola. There is no way they were going the comic route and have him have a body but no head and a tv screen on his chest showing his face or have him resemble the KRANG from the old Ninja Turtle show. I don't have a problem of how he had himself stored. We're talking about super science and even in the 70's it would have been fantastical. I enjoyed that he wasn't just giving exposition for no reason and was doing it to stall. Hmm I wonder what they would do with MODAK? For what little time Sebatsian Shaw had as "The Winter Soldier" and "Bucky" I think he did great. His expressions said everything his character had to say. That said I know people are going to ding the film because even though it's named after him he doesn't have a bigger presence but I think that's the point. Also he's signed to a nine picture deal so we wil learn more about him. Also the AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON takes place after the film right? So Will Sam Wilson be in it? The Winter Soldier? Black Widow? Fury?

Some critics have said they found this too long. I disagree. I never looked at my watch or ipod. That said NITPICK one thing I would have left was Sam's fight with Crossbones. I know it was there to show Sam can be awesome but he should that already and he didn't even get a chance to complete the fight. It seemed a bit pointless. I think this is the most Nick Fury has done in any of the movies(Great job Samuel Jackson). Black Widow was a fully fleshed out character in this movie and she was more important to the action than in any other movie she has appeared in. Seriously if a movie isn't made about her then Marvel won't make any movies about female characters(after all why make a movie about a character the general public doesn't know about than one it does?).

The next movie is in 2016. What will it be about? Will they base it on another comic storyline or an original. It's funny one ding I here people say is they like the 1st movie better because of the 1940's age and it was something different because all the other "Superhero" films take place now(I don't recall most of these people saying that with "THE FIRST AVENGER" came out). It looks like HYDRA is the NEW BIG BAD of the universe. Will they a a heavy presence in "Age of Ultron"? I imagine they would have to since they have one of "Infinity Gems" and *ahem* two miracles locked up.

One last thing. I didn't think about it at the time but this is a pretty diverse cast. A black man plays a major role(and doesn't die) a woman plays a major role and isn't the damsel or love interest and you have older actors playing significant roles. I'm also very glad and appreciated that at the end of the movie that 1 the credits were animated and looked like Jim Steranko drawings. 2. That they honored and showed in the credits the creators that played a major part of making CAPTAIN AMERICA the symbol he is today. So having Joe Simon and Jack Kirby was great. Warner Bros could learn a lesson from that Bob Kane didn't just create BATMAN by himself Jerry Robinson and Bill Finger did as much or more(and I don't care if there is a agreement Kane had with DC to take all of the credit. rip it up and spread it out, it's unfair that people don't know about their contributions). End of 2nd rant sorry.

The film was great and can't wait to see where they go from here.


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